Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?


Early Bird Price until 5 January 2019 = $855 AUD

Regular Price (if not sold out prior) = $955 AUD


Early Bird Price until 5 Janurary 2019 = $705 AUD

Regular Price (if not sold out prior) = $805 AUD

More details of what is and isn’t included found here.


Full Weekend Pass = $70NZD EACH

One Night Pass = $45NZD EACH

Why isn’t Christchurch accommodation included?

We shopped around for various group accommodation options in Christchurch and every place we contacted came back with quotes more expensive than individual bookings. So to save you money we decided to allow you the chance to book your own accommodation. The lindy bus will be leaving and returning to The Old Countryhouse Hostel and if you’re looking for connivence + a nice cheap place to stay, we highly recommend it.

Why are you crowdfunding for this event?

This is the first time we’re holding the Kiwi Lindy Exchange and we’ve already had to outlay over $5000 of our own money for accommodation deposits. We simply cannot afford to run it if we do not get early ticket sales, so we thought why not use a crowdfunding platform? It means you can buy a pass and we can ensure that’s there’s interest before we make ourselves bankrupt.

We will need to sell at total of 38 of the 50 seats available during the crowdfunding stage to ensure the event goes ahead. If we do not sell 38 spots then you are protected by Pozible (the crowdfunding platform) and you will not be charged.

Still have questions, please get in touch.

I’m a beginner, will I still enjoy the exchange?

This exchange is open to all levels. If you’re new to swing dancing then it’s a fantastic opportunity to practice your social dancing skills and learn something new. We will only be holding one open level workshop afternoon at this point, however we may have time during the exchange to hold more classes if there is enough interest from participants.

Is this just a lindy hop event?

Absolutely not, all swing dancing styles are welcome and encouraged. Other dance styles also welcome.

Food is included, what type of food?

Most days you’ll get 3 meals; breakfast, lunch & dinner.

It’ll be a continental breakfast, lunch will be mixture of sandwiches & wraps, dinners will be something different every night. We’ll probably do a pasta night and taco night, we’re still working out the menu.

If you have food allergies or intolerances we’ll do our very best to have a different option. It is important that you let us know any allergies or intolerances through the registration process. We’ll also ensure every meal has a vegetarian, nut, gluten and lactose free option.


Can I attend just a few nights?

As this is a lindy road trip it is too difficult for you to attend just a few nights unless you arrange your own transport. Because of this we have decided not to offer any partial passes at this point. If you’d like to discuss your individual circumstances with us we may be able to arrange something, please contact us.

Or you can register to attend the Tautuku Weekend (22 - 24 November)

Individual event passes for the social nights will be made available closer to the time or at the door.

What do I bring?

Once you register we’ll send you a recommended packing list closer to the event. What we can guarantee is that the weather could be very cold… or warm, but likely it’ll be “kind of cold.” Layers are a good option.

You need to bring a sleeping bag.

The bus has a luggage limit of 23kg checked and 5kg carry on (which will be stored at your feet on the bus.)


Who will be attending?

Great question! We have swing dancers from all over the world attending, so it should be a fantastic mix of cultures, scenes and styles.

Is there a possibility for private accommodation?

To keep the cost down for you we have chosen to arrange dormitory like accommodations. We cannot guarantee private accommodation.

If you’d like to book your own seperate accommodation you’re most welcome to, however this is not possible for our two nights in Tautuku, it is more remote without any nearby accommodation alternatives.

Any further questions, please contact us.

What if the trip gets cancelled or I need to cancel?

If there are extreme circumstances in which we are required to cancel the trip (eg. natural disaster or health emergency) then you will receive a full refund.

If you need to cancel your pass due to unforeseen circumstances then we will require you to cancel at least six months prior to the event for a full refund. If less than six months then we will do our very best to sell your pass to someone else to refund you in full. If we fail to resell your ticket we can only refund ~ 70% as there are be deposits that we cannot get back.

Can I bring my cat?

New Zealand have very strict quarantine laws, so if you’re travelling from overseas then no. But if you’re a local and you can’t go anywhere without your cat and your cat can swing out, then sure! BYO Kitty Litter. *Actually no they can’t come, soz.