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We have been made aware that some people who have registered for the Kiwi Lindy Exchange are unaware of what the event is all about. To double check everyone is in full understanding of what they have signed up for we request that you complete this form. If you feel this event is not what you thought it would be, we are able to refund you in full as we have a waitlist of eager swing dancers who would like to attend.

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You understand that the Kiwi Lindy Exchange is a swing dancing community event and is not a regular travel tour? *
Kiwi Lindy Exchange is not a travel agent or tour company, we are a dance school running a social swing dancing event.
How long have you been Swing Dancing? *
This is to gauge the level of experience of the dancers attending this event.
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What is your fitness/ physical activity level? (select all that apply to you) *
When we're not dancing we will be adventuring around the New Zealand wilderness. Our accommodation is also entirely in dormitories and you will need to be physically able to get in and out of bunk beds.
Are you willing and able to volunteer during the event? *
As this is a swing dancing community event we ask the community to (where possible) volunteer to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone attending.
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