Code of Conduct


We want everyone who attends this exchange and social events to feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Therefore we will not tolerate anyone who conducts themselves in a manner that causes those around them to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. By attending this exchange and events you agree to act in accordance with our code of conduct.

Desirable Conduct

We ask is that people behave like decent human beings so that those around them feel comfortable and safe.

This includes but is not limited to...

  • Being respectful towards everyone regardless of gender/gender identity, ability, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religious/political view etc

  • By graciously accepting that sometimes someone might decline an invitation to dance with you and that they are not obliged to validate or defend that decision.

  • By looking after your dance partner and others around you on the dance floor. *This means the follow and lead stay in contact with the floor, eg, no aerials on the social floor, save them for jams and performances.

Undesirable conduct

Harassing, encouraging/condoning harassment of any individual or any other behaviour that makes anyone around you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Including but not limited to...

  • Bullying and intimidation.

  • Sexual harassment.

  • Treating the exchange and it’s events as ‘pick up joints’.

  • Offering unsolicited advice either during the workshop or on the social floor.

  • Using inappropriate language or jokes.

  • Unwelcome/inappropriate touching.

  • Leading/following in a manner that can cause injury to your dance partner.

What to do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe?

If someone is making you uncomfortable or unsafe, you have a number of options.

  1. We encourage communication. If you feel safe to do so, you are welcome to start a conversation with the person you feel is displaying inappropriate behaviour.

  2. You can report an incident by talking to any of the exchange organisers, or you can request to talk to a specific person. We will listen to you, keep your situation private and respect your wishes. We will ask you what course of action you would like to be taken next (see below for details).

  3. Anonymously report incident via Just use a fake name or ‘Anon’ and don’t type in your email address then write the incident in the message section. Rest assured that your privacy will be completely respected and all incident reports will be considered equally.

What happens to the people that get reported?

Unless the individual who made the report requests us not to, we then discuss the incident with the person in question. We will then carry out one or more the following.

  1. If there is a misunderstanding we may do nothing after the confusion is resolved.

  2. We may keep a closer eye on the alleged offender to ensure incidents do not repeat.

  3. We may mediate a discussion between both parties to see if the issue can be resolved.

  4. We may remove people from the exchange or events or ban people from attending any other future exchange or events. In this case we would likely discuss these incidents with other swing dance schools or societies to ensure they are informed about certain individuals we do not want in our scene.

  5. Any other action that we feel would resolve an issue.

If the person making the report requests one of these actions, we will do our best to honour that request. Otherwise we will decide the best course of action specific to each report.

This document is intended as a guide. Every situation is different therefore this document may be changed without warning.

We all love these dances so let’s all help to keep the scene safe and welcoming to all.